Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation


Reconnect Your Soul, Gain Flexibility, Peace and Inner Strength

Come and enjoy reconnecting your mind, body, spirit and soul through yoga, relaxation and meditation with Annie.

Annie studied with Swami Sarasvati and specializes in beginners, healing and pregnancy yoga.

Yoga, Relaxation  and Meditation will help you to:-

Transform, rejuvenate & re-energise

Boost fitness, health & wellbeing

Increase flexibility

Strengthen your core muscles

Relieve backache & other ailments

Improve circulation, respiratory & digestion

Kick depression, anxiety & stress

Calm your mind, gain clarity, and achieve a real sense of inner peace & contentment.


1: 1 one hour class individually tailored to your needs - £60

Group classes, yoga & meditation parties, yoga health retreats and gift vouchers for use in Surrey, Kent and London available on request


For bookings please contact Annie on 07710040251/ or for Epsom Surrey bookings contact 01372 747 478


"I would highly recommend Annie's classes for anyone interested in a holistic perspective to health.  Annie's classes fly by because they are so interesting and fun. She has a personal touch to everything she does and her classes are natural, spontaneous and social.  Annie practices yoga from a spiritual perspective and there is always something new to learn.  I love her 1:1 and group classes"
Fiona McKenzie
"After working in a sedentary stressful job I had piled on pounds and seized up.  My back was so bad I could hardly stand up in the mornings.  I was determined to get fit , healthy and destress my cluttered mind.
I lost a couple of stone by going to zumba and the gym but my back niggled away.  A close friend recommended I do yoga and it was a chance meeting with Annie that led me to her blissful yoga class.
As a complete beginner with a sore back we began with gentle floor work to build strength, and for the first couple of weeks my back still complained.  However, as we worked, I could feel my body realigning and my flexibility increasing significantly.  I have now been doing it for 4 months and can get into positions I haven't achieved for years.  My back problems have gone.
Annie's class covers all areas of the body and the breathing and meditation exercises leave me feeling totally relaxed in mind, body and spirit.
They say when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear....I am lucky to have found Annie and thoroughly recommend her classes.
Sharon Ingham
"It has been a great joy and delight to attend Annie's classes.  Annie works with a high level of awareness, sensitivity and light.  She has an exceptional ability to tune into your needs.  At the end of the class you feel you have received your own personal healing! The gentle pace and focus on breathing also allows for an integration on all levels of your being.  
Over the years I have attended many classes throughout the world but few speak to my heart and soul in the way that Annie's does.  I highly recommend this teacher. 
Helen Faulkner


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