Stress Management

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Are you feeling stressed and in need of help and relaxation ?
By 2020 it is estimated that the number one threat to health will be stress.    The effects of chronic stress are deep and closely related to emotional reactions of anxiety, insomnia, loss of memory  and depression.  Your health and mental functioning deteriorates under chronic unrelenting stress.  A certain amount of stress is healthy but in severe forms it can kill you, make your more susceptible to life threatening diseases and incapacitate your every day living.   
We see clients all the time who have let their problems and stress reach the point where they can no longer function or function with difficulty, and I am sure you would agree that whenever you feel the symptoms of stress running throughout your body it is a far from pleasant experience.
The good news is that you can learn ways to minimise your stress that fit in with your busy lifestyle, and opening up during  a Stress Management/talking therapy session  with our Stress Management Specialist Annie( who is also a Management Consultant/Yoga/ Relaxation &MeditationTeacher /NLP &  Reiki Master ) ,can help you to relax, break the cycle of stress and improve your life with immediate effect.
Annie has  extensive experience in facilitating  1:1 Stress Management sessions tailored to your individual needs, and has been providing  1:1 and  developing/delivering workshops/group training in Stress Management for Corporate and Government organisations(e.g.NHS, Lloyds Bank, IBM, Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children, Red Cross) since 1997.
Through investing in Stress Management sessions with Annie you will benefit from:
* Identifying your stress and finding outlets for release of stress 
* Learning techniques to relax 
* Learning new ways to breathe, slow your heart rate, ease headaches, reduce backaches,  lower your blood pressure
* Reducing negative self talk 
* Being more assertive
* Improving time management
* Improving communications and relationships with others
* Creating a less stressful healthy lifestyle 
* Learning  how to reduce & transform  anxiety and other emotional responses to stress 
* Improving your diet and nutrition to reduce stress
* Exercises to reduce stress linked directly to the specific areas in which you feel stress in your body
* Your own personal strategy with  positive solutions to  reducing stress immediately and on an ongoing basis
Annie in conjunction with Aldabellas offers you the opportunity to enjoy the following Stress Management Packages:
Option 1 
 1 hour Stress Management , 1 hour Reiki and 1 hour Hot Stones/Lava Shell/Bamboo/Swedish Massage   £165
Option 2
1 hour Reiki and 1 hour Hot Stones/Lava Shell/Bamboo/Swedish Massage  £105
Option 3
1 hour Stress Management and 1 hour Reiki   £120
Option 4
1 hour Stress Management   £60 
Option 5
2 hour Stress Management £120 
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For bookings, and to purchase Gift Vouchers please contact Annie on 07710040251/ or for Epsom, Surrey bookings Aldabellas on 01372 747 478/
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(* To discuss Stress Management workshops or the provision of Stress Management training at Conferences, Events or in your workplace please call Annie on 07710040251)