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Annie is a Reiki Master and trains Reiki healers as well as providing Spiritual Healing in English & African Spiritual Churches, at events and 1:1

 She and her team at Reinspire donate the money raised from giving Reiki/spiritual healing to Inspiration Fundraising in order to raise funds to provide holistic services and unite and inspire people to help themselves and others to break cycles of poverty and abuse   …www.inspirationfundraisingltd.org

Offering you the unique benefit of being able to combine a spiritual mediumship/angel card reading with spiritual healing or simply book an hours spiritual healing without a reading Annie will intuitively tailor your reiki treatment to your needs. 

Reiki/Spiritual energy Healing is the channelling of a healing energy through hands being in contact with the body or just above. Life force energy nourishes the organs and cells of the physical body, supporting their vital functions. When the flow is disrupted blockages occur. 

Reiki/Spiritual energy healing heals by flowing through these blockages and raising the vibrational level of the energy field in and around the body, clearing and balancing  the energy pathways, aura and chakras, allowing your life force to flow in a healthy way. Reiki means Universal energy is an ancient Tibetan healing method which was discovered in the late 19th century by a Japanese Monk, named Dr Mikao Usui.  A Reiki healer is attuned to sacred symbols and energies that make the healer an effective channel for the Universal/God/Spirit energy to flow into the person receiving the healing.  This helps to bring the body, mind and spirit back into harmony and stimulates the body’s natural healing process.

Since Reiki/Spiritual energy Healing promotes the balance of mind, body, and spirit it has potential to help all conditions.  It is a useful addition to medical treatments, is recognised by the NHS, and offers the following benefits to you: 

It promotes a sense of peace and wellbeing
Is deeply relaxing and releases stress
Clears and balances your aura and chakras
Releases and clears blocked energy and old patterns of behaviour
Eliminates toxins by improving the functions of the organs
Energises your bodys own healing capacity and strengthens it
Aids sleep
Increases awareness
Increases confidence and creativity
Releases negative emotions and emotional upsets
Relieves symptoms and depression
Aids bereavement
Prevents todays stresses manifesting as an illnesses
Encourages positive personal growth

Helps to bring mind, body and spirit into harmony


Annie offers you the opportunity to combine spiritual mediumship/Psychic/Angel card readings and intuitive guidance with a spiritual healing or simply book a Reiki/Spiritual energy healing on its own.

 1 hour Reiki/spiritual energy healing   £60   

1.5 hour Reiki/spiritual energy healing combined with mediumship or angel card reading   -  £100

Distance Healing – Free

1 hour Hot stones/Bamboo/Swedish Deep tissue full body massage at Aldabellas followed by 1 hour Reiki/spiritual energy healing - £110

1 hour Hot stones/Bamboo/Swedish Deep tissue full body massage at Aldabellas followed by 1 hour Reiki/spiritual energy healing and a half hour spiritual reading- £150




Annie is the most amazing Reiki Practitioner and Healer, as well as being an inspiring spiritual teacher and skilled individual. I first met Annie when I had just left a demanding and stressful job, which had left me void of confidence, energy and belief in myself.  Upon meeting Annie I realised immediately that she was a very kind, uplifting and understanding person, who immediately calmed me, and provided me with healing, both emotionally and physically. Always generous with her time, and willing to listen, Annie has a true gift of insight and compassion, and one never leaves her presence without feeling relaxed and positive.  Under Annie's guidance I commenced Reiki training with her and have now almost completed Reiki 2. with a view to becoming a Reiki healer myself, which, before meeting Annie,  I would never have imagined was possible.   This whole experience has been life changing, and I have grown so much under Annie's counsel; she is always at hand to offer her knowledge and expertise, and one never feels alone.

A truly lovely lady whom I would not hesitate in recommending highly enough

Nannette Quinn


For bookings, details on how you can gain recognised qualifications and become a Reiki Usui Healer(by attending a Reinspire Reiki 1st degree and 2nd degree course with others or 1:1),  and to purchase  Gift Vouchers please contact Annie on 07710040251/Reinspireanne@gmail.com or for Epsom Surrey bookings contact 01372 747 478 / bookings@aldabella.org.uk

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