Mediumship/Psychic/Angel Card Readings

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Annie offers you  many years of experience in providing  mediumship ,psychic readings,  angel  card readings, and facilitating the development of spiritual knowledge/gifts in others.  She works in  Spiritual Churches, at Psychic events & parties,  and provides readings 1:1 face to face, by telephone and Skype.     
Using a combination of intuition, psychic ability and mediumship to give you spiritual guidance she will help you to gain answers to aspects of life for which you would like guidance, clarification, insight and confirmation 
 During readings she will  review your past, where you are now  predict your future and if you request a  mediumship or combined reading link with your energy to spirit and provide you with  spiritual messages from your loved ones.
She also offers you the unique benefit of being able to combine a spiritual reading with spiritual healing/reiki or to book an hours spiritual healing/reiki whenever you feel the need to  destress, relax,  be uplifted, rejeuvenate, re-energise, gain further spiritual insight, clear your auras and chakras, rebalance to feel good, allow self healing to take place, or simply find a moment to take time out - time just for you.       It is natural and does not interfere with conventional treatments.
Spiritual healing/reiki is the channelling of a healing energy through hands being in contact with the body or just above and Annie also offers distance healing for those in need on request.  Since spiritual healing promotes the balance of mind, body and spirit it has potential to help all conditions.  It is a useful addition to medical treatments and useful to help in cases of bereavement and emotional upsets.   It promotes a sense of well being and is deeply relaxing,
aids sleep , is useful as a preventative measure so todays stresses don't manifest as an illness.
For bookings please  contact Annie  on 07710040251  /
or Aldabella 01372 747 478
30 minute readings     £40
30 minute spiritual healing/reiki   £40
1 hour readings           £60 
1 hour spiritual healing  £60
3/4 hour spiritual healing combined with  15 minute reading  £60
1.5  hour readings combined with spiritual healing/reiki  £100