Traditional Swedish Massage

Full Body £40

Back, Neck and Shoulders £28

Relish this soothing and relaxing hands on massage to ease your stresses away.

Lava Shell Massage

Full Body £45

Back, Neck and Shoulders £32.50

Smooth, heated lavender based shells from the Philippines are massaged from head to toe to get rid of the deepest tension and aches. Our specialist tummy treatment can also help IBS, stomach  complaints and even work as a natural colonic.

Lava Shell Kits £35

Lava Shell Recharge Kits £25

 Exfoliating Back Massage £35

A traditional Swedish Back Massage, including body brushing and exfoliation using hot steamed towels.

 Lava Shell Rescue

Hot & Cold Lava Shell Full Body Massage £48

Hot & Cold Lava Shell Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £35

Using a combination of heat and ice therapy to target specific areas. The shells are used together using trigger point therapy to reduce muscle tension. This new treatment eliminates toxins, increases circulation and helps organs generally work better. An ideal therapy for those who regularly patricipate in sport or just looking for a deeper massage.