Eye Treatments

Please Note: A patch test must be carried out 24 hours before any eyelash treatments can take place



Eyelash Tint -  £14
A semi permenant colour which tints the eyelashs typically lasting 4 -6 weeks 

Eyebrow Tint -  £12
A semi permenant colour which tints the eyebrows typically lasting 3- 4 weeks

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint -  £25


Lash Lift

Get gorgeous lashes full of volume and colour without the need for any mascara, lash lift lasts an amazing 8 weeks

Lash Lift : £38

Lash Lift with Eyebrow Tine £45


Eyelash Extensions

Using synthetic lashes a full set of eyelashes can last upto 8 weeks - regular infills will be required.  Lashes naturally shed on a 4-8 week cycle and the lashes will simply grow out with your natural lashes. They are lightweight, natural and easy to mantain - best of all you will no longer need mascara!

Lashes typically take up to 2 hours to apply and we use 40 - 50 lashes per eye with the aim of putting a lash extension on every natural lash to give a full, beautiful appearance to enhance your eyes. 

Classic Full Set - £45
Classic Infills -  £25

Full Set & 2 fills £80

Lash Removal - £10

Russian full Set - £65

Russian Infills - £35

Eyelash Tint & Eyelash Extensions -£60